Windows Phone 7 launch day is here – release info, deals, and cheaper prices!

Today is the day that Microsoft finalizes its worldwide release of Windows Phone 7, last stop: the United States of America.

Pictured: Richard Mungeer, the first Windows Phone 7 owner in the US according to the Windows Phone Twitter account.

Here’s a friendly reminder of exactly what phones are available and on what carriers. AT&T has debuted Windows Phone 7 with two devices: the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround. Both phones are available for $199.99 with a new contract and are also compatible with AT&T’s Free Entertainment Pack which comes with one month of free Zune Pass service, a free download of ilomilo a game for WP7, and a free month of UVerse service; AT&T’s third phone, the LG Quantum, will also be compatible with the deal. All available at

T-Mobile is selling the HTC HD7 also at $199.99 with a 2 year contract but if you want to ditch the contract, the phone will cost you $499.99. Interestingly enough, the HTC HD7 is available at Amazon Wireless for a much cheaper $149.99 with T-Mobile service, we’re pretty sure that’s not a typo and is a general discount of all phones on Amazon Wireless. So for now we’re claiming: deal! The Samsung Focus and HTC Surround are also available at Amazon Wireless but the former is “out of stock” while the latter must be put in your cart to see the price but it is also $149.99. So check that out.

Microsoft is now offering its free three months of Zune Pass service if you buy through the Microsoft Store “for a limited time.” Now, like we’ve said if you get it at the Microsoft Store, we’re pretty sure you can also rack up an extra month of Zune Pass through the Free Entertainment Pack that AT&T’s offering (including the game and UVerse). But we can’t confirm for sure.

No information has come in as to whether stock is plentiful or if there are any headaches but as soon as we know, you’ll know. Also, make sure to listen to our Windows Phone 7 dedicated podcast coming out (update:) at some point this week since a team member is feeling under the weather… hopefully tomorrow!

Update: The HTC HD7 is also being sold online at Walmart for the same $149.99 price, available at their website. It says not available in stores but I’ve been hearing that it is… so, who’s to know really?