Windows Phone 7 officially gains market recognition

Have you ever shared some slightly alarming news to a friend, to which they respond with words of confidence or little worry, but you can tell on their face that deep down inside, they are, truly worried. Just as Internet Explorer and Firefox show another term of declining market share to the likes of Google Chrome and Safari (and both IE and FF will tell you, they aren’t worried, but they are), we get word that Windows Phone 7 officially has 1% (one per cent) of the Mobile OS Market. While this isn’t enough to begin throwing parties, it does show that the Windows OS in general is no longer on declining terms as it was very recently and might make other OS companies like Apple and Android keep their eyes open as Windows Phone 7 begins its climb in the market. It is true that this jump in market share could be the product of the fact that smartphones across the board are experiencing massive increases in users. Android is sitting pretty at a whopping 48% market share and Apple is also sitting quite nicely at 19%. Of course, the Android OS is shared between HTC and Samsung where apple keeps all of its revenues. In the US, there are currently 60 million smartphone users, which means that of those users about 600,000 prefer Windows 7. While this isn’t much, it does mean that your chances of seeing a Windows Phone 7 users is much greater than seeing a Zune user.

A few days ago Zunited reported that the Xbox 360 generated a little more than $8.1 billion. What is important to note is that this is a figure that is given out of the whole of their Devices and Entertainment division which reported an overall $8.7 billion. The remaining $600 million is believed to be split between the Zune, Windows Phone 7, and a bunch of other wildly unsuccessful devices (think mediaroom). It is hard to believe that the Zune is making any money at all, so its safe to assume that Windows Phone 7 brought home somewhere between $500 and $600 million. Only time will tell whether or not Windows Phone 7 will be a real player in the market. The reason this small revenue and 1% should be celebrated is because it is a device sill in its infancy.

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