Windows Phone 8 Coming to Lumia 900… In Saudi Araibia

Nokia Saudi Arabia has just released a major leak that Microsoft would not be too happy about. WMPoweruser has discovered a response tweet from Nokia Saudi Arabia mentioning that the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone 8 in the same sentence. Take a look below at the translation provided from the WMPoweruser website that they claim states that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in October with the Windows Phone 8 update and with 100% Arabic support.

@ IMousa7 Nokia phones will be available in Saudi Arabia to Umia in ten AD, Arab,100% God willing, system and Windows 8

You can view the original tweet here but hurry soon before it’s taken down. Although we have tried to translate it as well on Bing Translator and Google Translator the result does not exactly print out Windows Phone 8 coming to the Lumia 900. Let’s not forget the rumors that Nokia is testing out Windows Phone 8 on Lumia devices. Nokia has been supportive with its Windows Phone customers since day one . If any OEM will update their phones to Windows Phone 8 Nokia is most likely to do that.

If any of you get a clear translation feel free to leave a comment below.

Source: WMpoweruser