Windows Phone 8 due out this fall: dual-core CPUs, higher screen resolutions, better microSD support

Microsoft just announced at its Windows Phone Summit that Windows Phone 8, the next big leap in the operating system, will be out this fall. The current version of the operating system out is Windows Phone 7.5.

Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core processors, beginning at dual-core on debut and potentially quad-core thereafter. It will also support three different types of screen resolutions — WVGA, WXGA (1280×768), and 720p — which will reportedly integrate with current apps seamlessly. And lastly, a more organic support for microSD cards which will allow users to add more space to their mobile devices and transfer content from PCs to Windows Phones and vice-versa. Joe Bellfiore called the support “very naturally integrated.”

The Windows Phone 8 Summit is still ongoing. Watch here.