Windows Phone App Showcase: Pickr

As the Windows Phone Store matures we are seeing a growth of photo apps. Some alter pictures with pleasant effects, some organize your pics into manageable boxes, while others tie into the many social photo networks that populate the internet.

Pickr is one of those such apps. Although Pickr isn’t a “complete” Flickr app, it does do its task in a simple, elegant way. It’s not going to bowl you over with features, or cute tricks or transitions. It’s real purpose is part showmanship and part voyeurism. What makes it so compelling is its approach to simplicity. Something that Windows Phone as an OS is trying to do at its core. If you want a true integrated app connected to Flickr, we suggest the official offering.

No, Pickr is mostly for exploring what Flickr enthusiast have to offer. Its a search engine, a window to the millions of photos uploaded to Flickr. You don’t need an account to explore the Flickr world, partly because it doesn’t offer a log in option whatsoever. As soon as you boot up Pickr, you are set to explore. In fact, the whole app is set up as a big exploration tool, as the developers have included a few features that you’ll find on the Flickr website.

This is the best of the last seven days panel.

There is a section that displays some of the most interesting pics of the past seven days. This panel mimics what you’d find on the ‘People’ tile on the homescreen with a grid of flipping tiles showing and hiding those pictures.

Slide on over to the next panel and you’ll land on a “hot for today” page that gives you the most popular keywords of the day. Click on one of the words highlighted and you’ll check out the hundreds of pictures associated with the tag.

The more you discover and find pictures, galleries and photographers you like, the app allows you to keep track of those favored items and keep them on a “favorites” panel. These items also display the number of photos within a user’s photostream or gallery. Nifty. Pretty soon you can populate this with your personal favorites, and make it an easy access point to show off to others.

And although it’s not as robust as the official app, what Pickr sets out to do is to allow a user to pick out and collect their favorite photos from all over Flickr. It doesn’t try to be more than that. It’s direct, easy to use and, useful. You can’t go wrong with that.

On a bigger scale, though, Pickr also has a grander objective. Aside from being a good Flickr client, the biggest response that developer Lancelot Software wants to get from users is that Pickr was constructed utilizing the latest Telerik dev tools. It’s a showpiece app, one that showcases the powerful tools that can construct an app such as this one. In fact, there is an app dedicated to Telerik that explains and offers these tools to potential developers.

With such tools there is a great potential for future apps with high quality aspects such as Pickr. It may not be a full featured Flickr app, but what we do get is a functional app that helps explore the deep catalog of user created imagery in Flickr. Picking, choosing and favoring photos has never been easier.

You can pick up Pickr from the Microsoft Store for free right here