Windows Phone Gaining Traction in U.S.

NPD Group just released their findings in the smartphone market for Q1 of 2012. The new stats show an increase for Windows Phone in marketshare to a 2% portion of the market, up from 1.7% from Q4 2011. Even with that increase, the numbers still don’t reflect the introduction of Nokia’s flagship phone, the Lumia 900, on AT&T’s LTE network. The new phone came out in April, and we won’t find out how well the new phone established itself amongst the competition until July when the next quarterly reading comes out from NPD.

That being said, invoking the words of Steve Ballmer, Windows Phone has gone from very little, to very little. Despite the small increase, the news can be looked positively after so many months of decreased marketshare after Windows Mobile was cut-off in favor of Windows Phone. It still lags behind iOS, Google and RIM and it will for a long while. Despite this, there are some positives to look forward to.

With new handsets like the newly announced Samsung Focus 2, and a stronger commitment from AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft to market the OS in a big financial way, the rise in marketshare could be a recurring one for the next couple of months.

Via NDP Group.