Windows Phone grows 313%… in Russia

Euroset, the go to store for mobile phones and other electronic devices in Russia, has just released some numbers revealing that Windows Phone has once again retained the title of fastest growing OS year over year. Windows Phone OS has grown 313% in terms of shipments, 274% in terms of revenue, and has suffered a 9% drop in average selling price. iOS has suffered a 10% drop.

In total, Microsoft’s Windows phone OS has 5% market share, a 3% improvement coming from the year 2011.

The positive growth of the smartphone market was achieved through devices based on Android and Windows Phone (include sales of smartphones based on Windows Mobile) “- says Euroset. Outpacing the growth of the smartphone market, Windows Phone sales grew by 313% ! In quantitative terms, it still makes up only 5% of the total number of units sold.

Although Microsoft is getting more and more support behind Windows Phone like HTC and the renewed relationship with Huawei, in the end it will be the lower end model phones that will push Windows Phone. Having Phones attacking all price points will put it head to head with Android.

In any case it is good to see some positive news about Windows Phone, big or small. To keep up to date on what’s going on in the world of Windows Phone follow and like the Redmond Post.


The low end Huawei 4Afrika.

Huawei 4Afrika