Windows Phone is now the third most popular OS in the U.S.

The beautiful HTC 8S. It has style, but can it be sold effectively?

The beautiful HTC 8S.

Microsoft’s Uphill Battle

It has been a long time coming but Windows Phone has now become the third most popular platform. Forbes reports that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has surpassed Rim and is now seeing sells of 2.7% of all purchases in the United States, a sign of hope for the youngest of all OS’s. In contrast Apple has sold its highest-ever share of smartphones in the U.S. with over 53% and Google’s Android coming right behind with 41.9% of U.S. sales.

Around the world the numbers are still not looking good for Microsoft’s mobile platform. Windows Phone is still staggering behind Rim in Europe. Forbes goes on to note that if the Blackberry maker keeps on losing sales Windows Phone might take its spot as the third most popular. A flip flop in stature also hit the market leader Google and Apple with Android accounting for 61% of smartphone sales and Apple only grasping on to 25% of sales.

Microsoft’s empire has taken a beating and is now walking on unfamiliar territory. Coming from a monopoly, Microsoft is now playing catch up to Apple the company that Microsoft itself saved from bankruptcy. The growing mobile market is becoming more valuable each day and if Microsoft does not get its market share in the double digits soon it may have to suffer through more pains with developers abandoning the platform. It all comes down to how Microsoft sells the idea of a Windows Phone; so far they have not done such a good job.