Windows Phone, Only Smartphone OS Not Affected by Webkit Malware Vulnerability

Microsoft has a long tradition of insisting on designing its own web browsers, whether mobile or not. They have been highly criticized over Internet Explorer whether it was warranted or not, but today their stubbornness pays off.

George Kurtz, CEO of the security firm CrowdStrike warns of a new vulnerability in Webkit based mobile browsers. Webkit is the mobile browser kit which most major smart phone OS’s use as their mobile web browser. The vulnerability that CrowdStrike found would allow malware to access and take control of the entire mobile phone; sounds pretty bad for most smart phone users.

The silver lining in all of this? Microsoft opted to write their own web browser instead of using Webkit for Windows Phone. This means, and Krutz verified, that Windows Phone users are unaffected, while iOS, Android and Blackberry among others are all potential targets through this vulnerability.

Krutz will be demonstrating the vulnerability tomorrow at the TSA security conference, but unfortunately warns that there is not a lot users can do to fix the error other than wait. It will be up to the OS developers to fix the bug and release updates to each user.

How confident would you be in waiting for an update for your Android, your iPhone or your Blackberry? Do you think vulnerabilities such as this can affect a person’s decision when it comes time to buy their next smart phone, or are such vulnerabilities easily overlooked with an “as long as it doesn’t happen to me” mentaility?