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Xbox 360 Gets a New Look on December 6

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 update that we’ve all been waiting for (or could simply care less about, Modern Warfare 3 couldn’t load any faster) will be implemented on December 6. The Xbox 360 dashboard has undergone many updates since its inception, and it seems that it is getting a face lift once more. The new Metro theme looks impressive and will tickle windows phone fans who have grown attached to these funny little squares all over their devices. The Kinect will be further integrated into the system, making traversing the square world of Metro even simpler with anticipated voice and motion control, finally giving us a reason to wipe the dust off that old Kinect.

 The Xbox and facebook are supposed to become better friends after this update, as integrated facebook updates is also presenting itself as a “feature.” Another feature that we are expecting is the ability to save our games in the cloud, which would be nice since a RAGE download will cost about 25 GB of memory. Xbox is also attempting yet again to make strides in streaming music and video and we are hoping for the best. This update looks great, sounds great, and on December 6th, we’ll all know whether or not it feels great. By comparison, the Xbox dashboard looks miles and years ahead of the seemingly stagnant Playstation interface. This will be a good introduction to the new era in Microsoft interfaces.