Xbox 720 Leaked Documents Reveal Microsoft’s Plans

A huge outbreak of some old Xbox 720 documents were unleashed onto the internet Friday. How Microsoft will react to the roadmap of its Xbox 720 plans, no one knows, but Xbox fans around the web are getting excited over what they see from the leak. Here are a few things to look forward to on the next Xbox. Note not everything from the document is listed below. We just picked the best ones to highlight. Also this document only highlights the console, future Xbox games are not mentioned.

Xbox 720

6X performance increase

3d and 1080p output

Blue-Ray Support

an “always on” feature

recording functionality

Windows 8 foundation allowing for cross platform apps from Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox.

$299 with its Kinect 2 hardware

Kinect 2

higher accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, support for four player tracking, improved RGB camera, and dedicated hardware processing

Project Fortaleza

Along with the Kinect 2 came mentions of a secret project dubbed Fortaleza

The Fortaleza glasses are said to revolutionize gaming and will be like looking at a hologram and interacting with it via Kinect

Many sites are reporting this leak to be real and that it is a two year old document. The document itself was able to predict Smart Glass and other recent announcements but also take into consideration that there are many typos within. Is the document real? Will Microsoft speak about it during the secretive Monday event? Who knows but if the leaked document is correct Nintendo might want to consider going back to the drawing board before releasing the Wii U. To read the full leaked document click here.

Via: The Verge