Xbox 720 Specifications Leak

Xbox 720 info has just been leaked! According to Slashgear “sources familiar with the mater” have had a “first-hand experience” with the new entertainment console. The anonymous sources have mentioned a 50 GB Blue-ray disk console with disks requiring activation codes. The internal specs are quite impressive, the console will carry an AMD octa-core (8 CPU cores) x64 processor at 1.6GHz per core. A D3D11.x at 800MHz for graphics will join the processor as well as 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

The fact that the new Xbox may have a anti pirating solution sounds great from a developers view point but many gamers will not see eye to eye with the DRM enhanced console.The new console is said to require a connection to the internet at all times in order for the DRM content to identify your account and allow playback. New games will not be able to be resold due to the game being tied to your account. After this leak got out the popular second hand vendor GameStop had its shares drop substantially. Ubergizmo has noted that GameStops shares have gone down by as much as 11.4 percent, its biggest drop since May 17.

Nothing is said in stone yet. The Xbox 720 has not yet been officially revealed. Only time will tell if these leaks of the future of gaming come into fruition and with Sony unveiling some PS4 info soon the heat is on once more for the battle of the living room.