to get Metro overhaul, adds music and video Nov10


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Share This to get Metro overhaul, adds music and video

If you’re one to keep up with Microsoft codenames, you may recall “Ventura” being discussed. We knew at the time that it was going to have something to do with combining music and video services through the Entertainment & Devices divison. That project may be realized with the new revamp to come in the coming week(s).

The new "Xbox Social"

It seems like many new social features will be added to the new site including comments on players’ achievements and on recently played games. For legacy users, Zune social is a familiar concept, this seems to be more fluid (and admittedly, more useful).

The integration of music and videos into the site fits well into the vision that Microsoft is executing quite well which incorporates many of their services into a unified space. This simplifies, and makes the features more easily adapted by users.

It’s also notable that the look and feel of the refreshed site closely resembles the upcoming dashboard update which will effectively “Metrofy” yet another Microsoft service.

What do you think of the new interface? Do you see yourself using these new social features?