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Xbox Music gets a Play Limit

Something very interesting has come to our attention after playing with the free music streaming service known as Xbox Music. Apparently the free streaming service is not making Microsoft enough revenue because a play limit has been placed blocking users from playing a song after a certain amount of play counts.

Xbox Music owners on Windows 8 can no longer play a song more than 5 times. Those who do will be prompted with the option to buy a Xbox Music Pass and you will be permanently blocked from listening to that song. There is no way around the block so Microsoft will be either getting new Xbox Music subscribers or lose many new comers.

Microsoft may be shooting itself on the foot with this move, Google has just recently updated its Music service and Apple is also rumored to be building a free music streaming service as well. Hopefully there will also be a major update to Xbox Music around the time of E3 Xbox conference.

Strangely enough, some users are reporting that they have not encountered this play limit. It may be a part of a Xbox Music update if that’s the case. Have any of you seen this play limit on your devices? Leave a comment below if you have seen the screen shot provided below.

How do you feel about this play limit?

Xbox Music Play Limit