Xbox Music Pricing Leaks; Just like Zune Pass

Some images of the upcoming Xbox Music service have leaked detailing the pricing range of Xbox Music Pass. If you’re a current user of Microsoft’s all-you-can-eat monthly subscription service, the guys in Redmond aren’t going to rock your boat.

As with the current format, monthly subscribers will fork out the customary $9.99USD a month, or if you prefer long term deals (plus savings) the yearly pass will set you back $99.99.

Although there seems to be no further details about what that Music Pass encompasses in new features, the leaked images point to something familiar to what we have now. Meaning, if you love your Zune Pass, you won’t be amiss by the new service.

Of course, there still some questions regarding customers with the original model of $14.99 monthly subscription and 10 free songs. The day that Xbox Music comes online, that great deal may come to an end and go the way of the Zune brand.