Zune classic Audiosurf receives a sequel. Meet Audiosurf Air

Zune veterans might have some pleasant memories when hearing of the name Audiosurf, it was one of the few games we actually received! Fans of the game will be happy to know that the creator of the game has just announced a sequel to the music/rhythm game with Tron like graphics. The new game titled Audiosurf Air is now in production and is looking for some beta testers over at the Audiosurf website. We provided a link below for those of you who are interested in the new game. Don’t assume that you will be able to play the new game on your Windows Phone, the original game was first announced on Steam meaning that this new title might just be a PC game. Another set back for Windows Phone users is that the developer, Dylan Fitterer, already tried porting the game over to Windows Phones but failed in being able to utilize the phones music library, the most critical part of the game. The new game seems to feature a first person point of view unlike Audiosurf Tilt the Zune HD game. Although the game has gone through some differences it is quite obvious that this is the spiritual successor of the Audiosurf series of games.

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