Zune Desktop Marketplace No Longer Offers Windows Phone Apps

Out of left field, Microsoft has taken off app support from the Zune desktop software. You will no longer be able to purchase and download apps pertaining to the Windows Phone ecosystem, although anyone still holding on to their Zune HD can still download the available apps for that device. You can still purchase music, videos and movies from the desktop software.

The only way to access apps and download them is through your very own Windows Phone device or through the online Marketplace. Even then, you must fully update your phone to OS 7.5 aka “Mango” in order to be able to download any app. Anyone still holding on to “NoDo” (and why would you?) will have to upgrade.

How do we view this? Well, while we would never like to see a feature be removed from our favored desktop Marketplace client, the news isn’t shattering and it points towards a future without a need to connect to a PC or Mac in order to download anything. Moving to an OTA method of app purchasing will cut out one more step in the process of getting what you want. Plus, we bet most people already skew the desktop method of buying apps.

What else starts to get knocked out by Microsoft out of its Zune desktop software is up for grabs, but with the coming Windows Phone 8 OS in the works and a few more reasons to clip the chord from the PC, things might start looking bleak for the Zune desktop client.

At least we still appreciate how it looks.

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