Zune Music Pass and Movies Work on Windows 8 Release Preview

With the release of the Windows 8 release preview came a little surprise most people would be surprised about, Zune Music Pass and Movies support! The Windows 8 Music and Video apps are clearly meant to be a replacement for Zune but just not completed yet. Well, actually the whole Windows 8 release preview is rough around the edges but it is still a huge improvement from the consumer preview which presented some difficult app experiences. The good thing about this is that it is just a preview and not the final version. In fact the Music app and Video app have gone through some huge design changes. Not to worry though most of the classic Zune software features are present in this version. Strangely enough Microsoft is still marketing Zune within the app and on the Xbox dashboard which is quite contradictory to what most people believe. Most tech writers and bloggers believe Zune will be replaced at E3 this Monday. For those worried about their Zune Music Pass subscription and movies being discontinued worry not, I am certain the Zune Music Pass will be carried on to whatever service might or might not be revealed at E3. The reasoning behind this is that the Zune Music Pass is fully functional in the Windows 8 Release Preview even though the app has no Zune branding on it. All Windows 8 needs is your Microsoft Account (Hotmail or Live account) that is connected to your subscription. The Video app also lets you stream past video purchases from Zune. As long as the account you are logged in with has the data of your purchase it should show up in the my video collection

Zune has long been replaced and with the upcoming E3 event and rumors of project “Woodstock” aka Xbox Music those rumors might come to fruition.