Zunited Podcast 126 – MacBook fAIRlure Oct26


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Zunited Podcast 126 – MacBook fAIRlure


We’re a little late. Sorry about that. But we make it up to you in this episode, I promise! We talk about the new Annual Zune Pass at a 10 months price, lower Zune HD prices, a CDMA Windows Phone 7 FCC approval, and if Microsoft’s Kinect will flop. Plus, Jon has much to rant about with the MacBook Air. Other tidbits: 1,000 apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7’s birthday just passed! Happy Birthday, Windows 7!

[B]Episode #:[/B] 126 | [B]Date:[/B] 10/26/10 | [B]Title:[/B] MacBook fAIRlure | [b]Hosts:[/b] Michael and Jon

Annual Zune Pass now at 10-month price – http://zunited.net/2010/10/annual-zune-pass-now-available-for-the-price-of-10-months/

Lower Zune HD prices?

Microsoft will turn a profit from Kinect – http://zunited.net/2010/10/kinect-prototype-cost-30k-but-microsoft-will-turn-a-profit-on-each-unit/

Windows Phone 7:
First WP7 owner in the world – http://zunited.net/2010/10/first-windows-phone-7-owner-in-the-world/

Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac available to download – http://zunited.net/2010/10/windows-phone-7-connector-for-mac-now-available-to-download/

CDMA Windows Phone 7 HTC phone goes through FCC approval – http://www.gizmocrunch.com/rumors/3870-sprint-htc-7-pro-cdma

1,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace – http://zunited.net/2010/10/1000-apps-in-the-windows-phone-marketplace/

General Microsoft:
Windows 7 anniversary and fastest-selling OS in history – http://zunited.net/2010/10/happy-first-birthday-windows-7-the-fastest-selling-os-in-history/

MacBook Air…