Zunited Podcast 132 – [Redacted]. Apr29


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Zunited Podcast 132 – [Redacted].


We’re back!!! If we had a nickel for every time we said that… well, we’d be incredibly rich. And of course, in true old fashion Zunited Podcast style: Jon’s bird squawks, we have really lame jokes, and say a couple of Microsoft news pieces. Also, Mike Cunningham joins in as a guest spot. Mostly, though, we’ve missed you guys — so HUGE HUG. Enjoy, laugh a little, and wait for the more serious podcast next week!

[B]Episode #:[/B] 132 | [B]Date:[/B] 4/29/11 | [B]Title:[/B] [Redacted]. | [b]Hosts:[/b] Michael, Jon, and Mitchell, AND Mike Cunningham guests