Zunited Podcast 134 – I am Mango, hear me RAWR Aug01


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Zunited Podcast 134 – I am Mango, hear me RAWR

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More Mango news comes out this week: the first Mango device is announced, it’s official — Microsoft will brand Mango as “Windows Phone 7.5,” latest Mango build plays audio files off SkyDrive, and news about when HTC, Samsung, and LG will be releasing their devices. Also, we talk about how much money Windows Phone is making for Microsoft, or how much money it’s not making. And is Microsoft testing out the next next version of Windows Phone, Tango, already? All that and more in this week’s episode featuring special guest host Austin Madgwick.

Hosts: Michael, Anna, Sakai, Austin
Episode Number: 134
Title: I am Mango, hear me RAWR [“RAWR” instead of “roar” because our original Mango, Anna, would say it often.]
Date: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011.

Email us: podcast [at] zunited [dot] net

Microsoft Adds RAW support for explorer/windows, right from the shell

Apple has more Cash then the US Government.

Computers can figure out your gender based on your tweets: